An Introduction to ‘The S Word’

Hello and welcome to my new blog ‘The S Word’

My name is Sam and i am a 21 year old student studying ‘Football Business & Media’ at University. I have always had a passion for sports and writing since a very young age. I am a huge football fan and am a current season ticket holder at Premier League Champions Manchester City.  I also play sports myself including Cricket and more recently Table Tennis where i represent my District.

In my spare time i love spending time with my girlfriend Olivia. We have made so many amazing memories together and hopefully i can begin to share some of those with you through ‘The S Word’.

On my blog i will be posting a variety of content ranging from recent sporting events to match reports. I find there is nothing better than discussing sporting news with other people who share the same passion as i do therefore this will be the perfect platform to do so on.

However i also set up my blog with the intention of using it to interact and to also be a place to discuss different topics in my own personal life. I hope that my blog can still be helpful for those who maybe aren’t interested in sports but they can relate to my personal posts and share their own experiences. I saw my girlfriend Olivia’s blog ( and was amazed at the level of interaction between her and her followers.

Please be sure to follow my blog where i will be aiming to post at least once a week. By subscribing you will get email notifications of when i do post so be sure to do that.

Until next time,



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