My Top 5 Influences for Starting ‘The S Word’

It’s been approximately 2 days since I officially started ‘The S Word’.

In terms of my progress since this I am very pleased to say the least! I am shocked but very happy to say i gained 16 followers in my first day of becoming a blogger, 15 more than I imagined!!

For my first actual blog post I thought it would be a good idea to give my reasons for starting my blog and to also get your guys’ feedback and hear some of your own influences behind starting your blog.

1. Interaction

This was a massive thing for me when starting ‘The S Word’.

The blogging community has already shown me how supportive it is, with countless comments on my social media (@TheSWordBlog) which have been very welcoming and supportive of me & I can’t thank the people that have sent comments in enough for that!

2. Showcase My Own Work

The main reason behind this blog being a social and sports blog is because the course in which I am actually studying at my university being ‘Football Business & Media’.

However I also thought it would be a good platform to share some of my work in which I am proud of with my followers and hopefully receive some of your work back to compare and also appreciate.


As many of you who actually attend University probably know, your timetable can actually have the tendency to be very ‘part-time’. Having received my own timetable this month, I find myself only being in on Tuesdays and Fridays! Therefore what better way to use my spare time than to write more blog posts and interact with my followers.

4. My Girlfriend

I often mulled over starting a blog for some time, I was quite sceptical of whether I would even gain any following of some sort and whether i would find myself writing to an audience of well…myself! However my girlfriend Olivia just told me to do it, have no regrets and use my blog as a way of expressing myself even more!

5. Setting Myself Goals

I have always loved fulfilling goals that I have made myself. I’m sure you agree that there is no better feeling than being proud of a personal achievement in which you knowingly worked hard for!

I would love to look back in 6 months/1 years time and see a steady rate of progress in my blog and that would all be thanks to you guys who have started me with a very good platform.

I would love to hear your own views on what influenced you to start blogging so please feel free to leave a comment down below or reply to me on Twitter @TheSWordBlog

Until next time,



  1. I just started for fun and to well, write open letters to myself. I’m pretty much nicheless and do it on my spare time which isn’t a lot. You write very well and look forward to reading more. Kudos to your girlfriend on pushing you!

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  2. These are great influences!! Welcome to the blogging community. I’m fairly new to it and am still in awe of how awesome and supportive people are! I wish you all the success and look forward to reading more!!

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