My Going back to College/University Essentials List

The college/university season is fast approaching, summer has gone so fast!

I thought there would be no better time than to do a list of essentials for starting back for those struggling with organisation!!


  • Pens (Black&Blue)

Pens are always essential when starting a new year, I lost track of the amount of times last year where I ran out of pens so make sure you stock up!

  • Coloured Pens/Gel Pens

These aren’t as essential however if you want to make your work nice and organised then these are a perfect piece of stationary for that!

  • Pencils

Pencils are sometimes more handy than pens if you tend to make some mistakes (we’re all guilty of it!!) make sure to buy a rubber alongside for all your needs.

  • Rulers (if needed)

One thing I do not recommend are ‘bendy rulers’ these tend to not last very long and often misshape affecting how straight your lines are!

  • Notepad (I personally prefer to use a Pukka Pad)

These are arguably one of the most important things when starting out. Make sure you purchase one with enough pages to last you through the year! Pukka pads are really helpful and can now be picked up for very cheap.

  • Folders/Ring Binders

After you take pages out of your pukka pad, it can be very handy to put them into a ring binder in order to keep them safe but also stop them from being folded/ripped in your pad.

  • Textbooks

Any textbooks which your course recommends are probably a big essential, it will only make your work easier during the year and for the cost of £15/20 it is definitely worth it!

  • Plastic Wallets

These are once again useful for avoiding damage to your pieces of paper and are extremely cheap!

I will be doing another post which will leave links to all my favourite pieces of stationary as I plan on going shopping for some myself to make sure I’m organised (for once!!)

On a side note, I am extremely happy with the progress I am making on The S Word and I can’t express my thank you’s enough for everyone who has followed me on WordPress and Twitter!

I have now set up an Instagram also @TheSwordBlogg so feel free to follow me on that.

I would love to know your favourite pieces of stationary or if I’ve missed anything out that you feel is essential please let me know in the comments below! (I return all comments on your blogs)

Until next time,



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