Share Your Beautiful: The S word Blog

Here’s my story which was shared on the amazing “Grand Fash Life”’s blog!


As a child you imagine the relationship you will have with your parents as you grow up. Your parents are the people you never want to live without even on the days when you really don’t want to be bothered. Ultimately, our parents inspire us in different ways to grow into the adults we are today.

Meet Sam, Sports blogger over on TheSWordBlog:

This is his beautiful:
Hi, I’m Sam (The S Word), a 21-year-old studying Business & Media in my final year at university, however my journey hasn’t been an easy one…

Sports are my passion and I play lots of cricket.

In my life, like everyone, I have had my fair share of ups and downs. However I still try to be the happy man shown in the picture above as much as I possibly can. Fairly recently I had to go through some of the most challenging…

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